From mobile handset to laptops every digital device is equipped with a microphone. So the device user will be enabled to communicate smoothly. Due to low-quality audio results, the developers structured this new android application namely Wo Mic Pro Apk.

The main purpose of developing this android application is to provide a perfect audio streaming pathway. Where the users can easily communicate as well as record audio sound. Converting their android device into a perfect microphone.

When it comes to usage than we found it popular among online streamers including gamers. Even due to pandemic problem students are taking their classes online. But due to lack of sound quality, the students are unable to get the lectures properly.

Now to make it more loudly and clear we suggest the students including teachers download the Wo Mic Pro App from here. This question comes in mind that if we can easily get a mic with any headset than why somebody installs this Apk?

One of the main problem while having conversation through a simple headset microphone is distortion. Also, the wires of mic and headset make it even more congestible. That it makes it even more difficult in terms of communication.

So if you want high-quality frequency inside your voice while delivering any lecture or performing any online streaming. Then we recommend you install the Apk inside your smartphone. And convert it into a perfect mic without messing into different wires.

What is Wo Mic Pro Apk

Nowadays mic is very important in terms of communication or recording any voice. Usually when you try to record any voice than you feel this huge different inside recorded and real voice. Though the reason may be different among those the main reason might be the low-quality mic.

When we look in the market then we found these different high-quality microphones. Which can give a real-time experience for the user. But when it comes to price than it’s very expensive and unaffordable for an average person.

Details of APK

NameWo Mic Pro
Size1.11 MB
DeveloperWolicheng Tech
Package Namecom.wo.voice2
Required Android4.0 and Plus

Aiming the low price including wireless connection through Bluetooth. We insist mobile users download Wo Mic Premium Apk. Which is accessible to download from our website with one click option. Installing the application inside your smartphone will enable the user to establish an audio connection.

This connection can be established in both forms including wired and wireless. Means open the App inside your smartphone, connect it with your computer or laptop through USB cable or Bluetooth. And now your android phone starts working as a high-quality microphone.

The simple version of Apk is accessible to download from Google Play Store. No, if you want to download the pro version of Apk than you can download it from here. Premium version offers a wider range of features including advance filters and ads free.

Key Features of The App

  • Integrated the Apk with different plugins including X86+ and ARM7.
  • Customizable dashboard with optimized options.
  • Useless options which can create complexity while usage are removed.
  • Pro version doesn’t support third-party ads.
  • All locked features and available to use in this premium version.
  • No registration is required for ultra-accessibility.
  • The user interface is very simple with modest volume adjuster in the middle of screen.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The App

Though out there several websites claim to offer a pro version of Apk on their websites. But in reality, those websites are useless and offers only fake files. When it comes to our website then android users can trust our website.

Because before providing the Apk inside the download section. We install the same Apk over different devices and make sure that the app is free of malware. To download the latest version of app please click on download link button provided inside the article.

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If you been searching for an application which can easily convert your digital android smartphone into a wireless microphone. Then download the latest version of Wo Mic Pro Apk from here and convert your smartphone into a perfect HD quality microphone for free.  

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