Creating a bond with someone requires talent and not everyone can do that easily. Especially when it comes to making a bond or relation with any girl. However, today’s article and the App is relevant to this topic.

Actually, I am talking about the gaming application “Teaching Feeling Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets.

So, if you love this game then and were searching for it then you can now download it from this post. Because I have shared the latest version of the app for your phones. Further, I want to urge you to give a read to this article and share it with your friends if you like the application.

So, in today’s article, I am going to discuss the app, its characters, the gameplay and how it starts or from where it starts.

About Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling Apk is a story-based gaming application for Android phones where players are supposed to impress a sweet girl. You can also call it a romantic story that moves around a girl whose name is Sylvie.

She will ask you for the things which she wants to have and you are supposed to provide that everything make her impress. When you will complete every level then gradually, she will become impressed with you.

This amazing video game was launched on 27 October 2015 for the Microsoft devices. However, soon after they got success and released the Apk version of their video game to entertain Android users.

The Gameplay and Sylvie

This video game is based on a girl who is orphan and her name is Sylvie. She is a slave in the game who was tortured and there are scars all over her body. The person who made her slave is the major culprit who abused her the whole life until she gets freedom from him.

However, but after a few years, she was handed over to a protagonist who cares for her. As you will see in the beginning, that she was treated miserably but soon after she gets love & care from that protagonist.

She is so weak and sick as she was not treated well and she did not get enough food.

However, she is quite intelligent as she has better communication skills and can read and write. As she can read and write so she starts reading books and then the Protagonist keeps her as his assistant. The guy who appointed her as assistance has a great role in the game.

How does it work?

As I have already mentioned that you are supposed to create a good and loving bond with that girl. Sylvie does not trust anyone that much easier but you have to try for it.

Then finally you get success to make her your friend first. After the friendship she will start to treat you openly then gradually she will fall in love with you. That is how this game works and you can get success.

Key Features

Teaching Feeling Apk is available in few languages as well as for few countries. But it is full of entertainment that you enjoy in spare time. If you want to witness its features by yourself then I recommend you to install it on your phones.

Now, have a look at these features here below that I have listed down for you. I have tested this app on my phone before going to share it here with you guys.

  • It is a free video game for Android mobile phones.
  • You are going to feel a realistic environment as it is a story-based gaming application.
  • It was taken from a novel.
  • You can do romance with Sylvie.
  • It consumes less battery and works smoothly.
  • Its graphics are based on 2D.
  • You can explore more features.


From this article, you can download the latest version of Teaching Feeling Apk for Android. You only need to do is just click on below download button and it will start storing the Apk file to your phones.