Today I am going to make you able to monitor activities of Android devices through an Application. There is an app known as “Snoopza Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets through which you can make surveillance on someone.

I have provided the new and updated version of the official application in this post. So, if you think it is useful for you or you need it then you can get the Apk file from here and install it on your phones. Further, this application is absolutely free to use as well as there are no kinds of charges to download it.

If you are new to it then don’t worry, I will tell you how you can use it and how you can install it on your Android mobile phones. So, if you want to know more details about this tool then you will have to read this article till the end.

Otherwise, you may face issues while using it. I will also tell you how you can hide it from the person on whom you are doing surveillance.  

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About Snoopza

Snoopza Apk is one of the famous Android tools or applications to do track cell phone location and much other information related to the mobile. It is a very simple app that you only need to install on your own device or on other’s device to track its many functions.

There are several things that you can track such as SMS, Location, call history and many more. This is a summary of the things that you can do but I will provide the list in details.

Further, you can check out in the screenshots where it is clearly mentioned which option you have on the app. So, here I don’t need to go in details.

Usually, it is called as Phone tracker and this is owned by Snoopza. This has its own official website from where you can get more information regarding the app and their services. However, this product is developed by professionals and works efficiently.

These kinds of apps are useful to track your kids’ cellphones and other activities. You can also install this app in someone else’s phone to get details that what actually he/she doing on their phones.

However, its usage must be for a good purpose not for hurting someone. This tool can be easily exploited to hurt someone or to blackmail someone by getting all their details. 

Details of APK

Required Android5.0 and Up

How to use?

There is a very simple procedure to start with Snoopza Apk. So, there are some basic tasks that you can perform on this app. That is why I want to share the list of those tasks here in this paragraph. Here below I have listed out all the things which it offers to its users.

  • Get Pictures
  • Call details or History
  • SMSs and location of the sender as well as receiver
  • MMS
  • Location
  • Events of that device
  • You can also know how many times someone has changed the SIM cards.
  • And more.

It also depends on you that how many options that you have selected to get details from that phone.

How does it work?
  1. First of all, download Snoopza Apk and install it on your phones.
  2. Then open it and select the device type and click on Ok button (you can also hide the app in the device).
  3. Then click on ‘I agree’ option and select the Logs Monitor options and tap on OK button.
  4. Now enter email address and password of your account.
  5. You are done so you will get all the details and record through your mail.

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of Snoopza
Screenshot of Snoopza Apk
Screenshot of Snoopza App

How to Sign up or get Login into Snoopza Apk?

There is one important thing you all need to know that you cannot Sign-up from the Application. That is why you will have to first create an account by visiting the official website of the app.

After creating the account then close it and go back to the app and enter login details. After that, you will be allowed to get a login. So, through the app, you can only have the option to log in but you cannot Sign Up.

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How to Uninstall Snoopza

Usually, people need such tools for a limited time therefore, they want to know how to remove Snoopza from the phones. Therefore, here I have a solution for that and please follow the instruction carefully.

So, first of all, go to your email address and open the email that you have received from the app or its site. Then you will see a unsubscribe option there so click on that so you will be unsubscribed to it. After unsubscribing go to Phone and uninstall or remove the app from that device. 


Although people need these tools for a limited time but still these are very useful and powerful. However, there are tons of Snoopza alternatives but I have selected this one for you guys.

Because it is simply free and secure to use. So, if you want to download Snoopza Apk for your Android then please click on below download button.