People who got hooked to the apps like TikTok and SnapChat thought this is the end. But with the entrance of apps like Edit Foto Anime. This perception is now put to test. To find out why so? Read the full article.

The world of social media is in constant flux. Every day a number of new apps with new and advanced features hit the app stores. Some of them find their place in the daily user time schedule while others are forgotten as fast as they are released.

But this app that we have brought for you with the name APK Edit Foto Jadi Anime is here to stay. Find out more about it and download the latest version for your Android mobile phone or tablet from our website for free.

What is Edit Foto Anime?

This app also known as APK Edit Anime is a combo of two mobile apps. It is a social media application as well as an anime photo editor. The social media aspect of this app resembles that of the famous and viral app of TikTok.

Thus it gives you tons of features that you might be otherwise enjoying on a couple of apps separately. Convert your self-image to an anime instantly just by taking a photo.

For that, the only condition is the photo you take is clear to help the AI of this application transforming your facial features into a cartoon.

As the features rival that of TikTok thus it allows the user to produce stunning videos and images with the best effects and filters out there. A user can add a seamless transition to give the video a smooth switching effect.

This is not just all. What takes the APK Edit Foto Anime a notch ahead of its competitors and rival is the addition of advanced features with more variety of options to tweak the videos and images before their upload onto the social media accounts.

Seeing the rapid surge in its fame across the platforms on the internet. You will see its copycats swarming the internet.

But don’t fall for those. Here we will give you the official Edit Anime APK that you can download and install on your Android Smartphone for free.

APK Details

NameEdit Foto Anime
Size52.36 MB
DeveloperLemon LV
Required Android5.0 and above

Features of Edit Foto Anime

The latest release of APK Edit Anime brings a number of great features that cannot be found anywhere else. This is just the beginning and more amazing things are being added to it. In near future updates, you will see some of them, and they are coming sooner than expected. So stay tuned.

What makes the APK Edit Anime a global sensation is the list of its features. Here we have mentioned some of them for you. So enjoy.

  • Edit your photos
  • Edit videos.
  • Create videos here and share them on any of the social media platforms.
  • It is a Chinese application and its default language is Chinese as well.
  • The list of editing options outplaces the best in the niche currently on top. Just give it a try and you will be amazed.
  • Come up with a unique and catchy video by adding the filters, transitions, and effects for free.
  • Come up with the anime of your own face in an instant with just a tap of your finger.
  • The application is free and can be downloaded for any of the Android devices.
  • The app is extremely user friendly and anyone can use it just after installation.

In addition to this, many more are coming soon.

How to Download APK Edit Foto Anime

Here we will describe the method for downloading and installing APK Edit Foto Jadi Anime on your android smartphone. To complete the task without any glitch we have described the whole process in easy to follow steps. Just follow the sequence and you will be enjoying it in no time.

  1. The initial step is to get the file by tapping the “Download APK” button given at the end of this link.
  2. Now go to the security settings of your device and toggle the Installation from Unknown Sources to ‘Allow’.
  3. Meanwhile, the download would be complete. Go to the device’s directory and locate the Edit Foto Anime APK.
  4. Tap on it and press ‘OK’ a couple of times. This will install the application on your phone.

Go to the phone screen and locate the app icon. You can tap on it and explore this awesome application.

App Screenshots

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Edit Foto Anime is an amazing app. It is on the one hand a video and image editor and on the other hand, it is an anime generator. To enjoy it immediately. You will have to press the button given below and activate the link.

Download Link