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Download YeeCall - HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk

YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Latest Apk

NameYeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family
Size31.85 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS
CategorySocial Media

Free Download Latest YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk for Android Smartphones, tablets, and many other Android operating system devices. You can download the apk file of the YeeCall App from our website right now, to download the apk file of YeeCall App tap/click on the download button given at the end of this description below.

YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family for Friends & Family Apk is an android communicational App that is available for all Android devices right now. YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk has also In-App purchases so you can buy and add new features to the app to make it more interesting. YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk is developed by YeeCall Network Limited to provide the best free video calling and Chatting services to its Android users. The Apk is not age-restricted so anyone can use the app to stay connected to their loving ones. YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk also contains ads but you can get access to its premium features to get rid of ads.
This Apk has been downloaded more than ten million times from the Android App Store so you can imagine how much Yeecall Apk is famous and how much Android users have liked this app. There are more than two lack of Android users, who have rated the app five stars on the App Store of Android. You can also one of them by downloading and installing the app on your android devices right now.
Developers have updated and modified some of the features in the app also removed the errors and bugs reported by Android users. Android Users can download the latest updated YeeCall Apk now from our website.

YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family App Apk:

The App Apk is a better alternative to Skype and other similar apps because it is much faster and reliable than them. YeeCall Apk also allows its users to use various video filters to make their video beautiful. Furthermore, YeeCall Apk offers so many interesting stickers and emojis build within the app. more importantly the voice and video quality are best because it offers its users an HD Video calling facility.

How to get Start with YeeCall Apk:

  • Using the app is very easy and you can easily and comfortably register your account. Here I will tell you how you can set up or how you can get login into the YeeCall.
  • First, to use the app you need YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family App apk, therefore, download the app from our website right now.
  • After downloading the app of YeeCall App, install it on your Android Device.
  • Open the app from the app menu in your device after installation.
  • When you open the app, you will be asked to “Sign UP” or “Log In”, so if you are new to the app then go for “Sign Up”, if you are already registered on the app then go to “log in” and input your login information simply.
  • You can also sign up with Facebook and that is one of the easy and best ways to register an app and get so many friends instantly.
  • If you do not want to sign up with Facebook then you have to sign up with your Cell phone number.
  • When you sign up with your cell phone number then you will be asked to enter the confirmation code that you will receive on that number you have registered one app.
  • After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation code, enter that code.
  • Then you are done with sign up.
  • Now, set up your profile so your friends can easily find you and recognize you.
  • Here you can also use your Facebook profile.
  • If you do not want to use FB profile details, then enter your name and upload your profile.
  • Then you are done with your profile setup.

Features of YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk:

  • YeeCall Apk is free to download and use.
  • In-App purchases are also available in YeeCall Apk.
  • YeeCall Apk is a very useful app.
  • YeeCall Apk provides you the best voice and video quality call service.
  • It has HD Video Quality.
  • YeeCall Apk is considered best for Video calling.
  • Much more.

Requirements for YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family Apk:

  • YeeCall Apk requires 5.0 and up version Android devices.
  • It works on an internet connection.
To download the tap/click on the below download button and install the app. if you want to have so many friends on YeeCall Apk then invite your Facebook contacts and WhatsApp contact to join YeeCall Apk.

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