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DeveloperWikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia App Apk is one of the most prominent and authentic sources of information that is owned by Wikipedia Foundation. There are two great persons “Jimmy Wales” and “Larry Sanger” who gets the credit for developing such an incredible internet encyclopedia that is a blessing for a human being. Wikipedia was launched on 15 January 2001. It has more than 40 million articles that are based on a variety of subjects such as history, Arts, science, mysteries, religious and many others, in other words, you can find any kind of information very easily on Wikipedia.

It provides authentic and accepted references and source links of every information they provide on their website therefore, Wikipedia is known for a reliable resource to read articles and get information on diverse topics. Wikipedia is a bank of information and it has presented more than 62,976,506 registered users and almost 300,000 active users.

It offers its readers to edit any kind of article that is available on Wikipedia website, however, before going to edit any article those editors must have sound knowledge and grip on that specific topic, which they are going to edit, and Wikipedia Apk also asks for references and acceptable sources that prove authentication of their information.

Articles on Wikipedia App Apk are available in more than 292 languages so you can read every article in your national language if you are having trouble with English. Additionally, you can convert the article into simple English as Wikipedia translates that particular article into simple English and makes it precise for you so you can read and understand that specific article comfortably and conveniently.

Wikipedia is ranked among the top ten websites that are enormously popular. The most important thing that you need to know about Wikipedia is that it is run by a nonprofit organization. Wikipedia was initially available in only English but gradually developers also added many other languages.

Historical Background of Wikipedia:

Before the launch of Wikipedia, many people attempted to develop internet encyclopedias but unfortunately, they failed to get any success in their attempts. Nupedia was the project that provided a base for the development of Wikipedia as Nupedia was one of the encyclopedia projects that initiated before the launch of Wikipedia Apk. Initially, Wikipedia was an online encyclopedia that was available in only English Language. To write articles they have several experts and there was a formal procedure for the verification and review of those articles. Remember one thing that Nupedia was launched on 9 March 2000.

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