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We all want to capture our memories in shape of videos to remember or recall those memories over time. Now a days people keep different kind of videos for their enjoyment, for information purposes and for many other reasons.

People have now Android devices and many other smartphones and tablets which allows its users to keep High resolution or high quality videos, because every one of us loves to watch videos in good quality thats why everyone desires to get any Android phone, tablet or any other smartphone which has different operating system like IOS and windows.
If you are using any Android device you will definitely need a Video player to play multiple format videos. There are video players already installed in Android devices but unfortunately in Android devices sometimes those players do not support several formats of videos, so Android users tries to search for any player application (APK) for their Android device which can help them to solve this issue and play all formats of videos.
If you are also one of them and facing the same problems then you don’t need to worry about those problems because here we have a player application for android users, which allows you to play multiple format videos as well as it also allows its users to play audio music and that player is VLC media player.
VLC media player is a free android application (APK) which allows its users to play different audios and videos it also lets its users to stream live with fast Internet connection.
VLC media player application is not only available for Android users but also available for PCs, laptops, iphones, Windows phones and many other.
some of the major features of VLC player
  • As I mentioned above that it supports many kind of audio and video media files such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, MMA and many more if your device supports HD quality videos but your existing video player doesn’t supports then you can play those videos from VLC player application (APK).
  • I recommend VLC player application (APK) for all android user because it helps you to play wide range of videos and audios as I mentioned above for example MKV, MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, FLAC, AAC, MMA, MWM, AAP and many more.
  • You can also minimize and maximize the screen for better display in VLC player.
So right now download this application (APK) from here and install it on your Android device and enjoy wide range of videos and different formats of audio on your android devices.

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