Download Temple Run Game Apk for Android

Download Temple Run Game App for Android
Temple Run
Temple Run is a Video Game Application apk and software which can be operated on various kinds of operating Systems such as, Androids, Windows, iPhones, iOS, and many other devices.
Temple Run is a free Android Game apk where player need to run on endless track, which means that there is no end and player is just supposed to run only and collect coins and different bonuses.
Temple Run Game apk was developed for iOS devices in the beginning, which was launched in 2013 by Raleigh based Imangi Studios. This was developed by Keith Shpherd and Natalia Luckyanova who were husband and wife. But later the developers also introduced Temple Run Application apk for Android devices, but Readers must note one thing, that the apk of Temple Run Game application can be run on all those devices which have Android Operating System, whether those are Tablets, Smartphones, Mobiles, or any other Android device.
Temple Run Game Application apk got too much fame right from the beginning, in initial years, Temple Run Game application apk was downloaded more than 1 billion times.
How Temple Run Game Application works:
As I mentioned that Temple Run Game application is an endless running game, in which there is a character which runs on that endless running track and that track is based on difficult, old and dangerous small tracks. Player is supposed to avoid various obstacles and hurdles to survive for a long time. Player can collect Gold coins while running on the track, player can also collect Gems although which are so rare in the game, and many other Bonuses which help player to improve and upgrade different features of the character or player can also buy new characters with new features from the option in the game.
Basically the character who runs in the Temple run Game application is acting as an archaeologist, who seeks for antique and expensive idol in a Temple, so unluckily the character is not fully aware about those Demons which have occupied that temple and trying to eat him or harming him. Because there is no any end point in Temple therefore Player needs to avoid those demons to survive for a long time. Otherwise when player falls off or crash to the various obstacles then the Game becomes end.
How to Play Game:
In Temple Run Game Application, player needs to tilt his or her device to move the character left and right. If player needs to turn the character towards left side then he or she needs to swipe his or her finger towards left side on the screen of device, or if the player needs to turn character towards right side then player needs to swipe his or her finger towards right side on the screen. To avoid different hurdles and obstacles player also need to do same thing which I mentioned in previous line. Sometimes player also needs to swipe finger down to cross short tunnels to save his head from crashing, and to jumps the character, player needs to swipe his or her finger towards up on screen.
  • File size of Temple Run Game APK is 25.6 MBs.
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Download Temple Run Game APK for Android


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