Download Temple Run 2 Game APK for Android

Download Temple Run 2 Game App for Android
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 is a video game application software for different kind of devices such as Androids, iPhones, Windows, iOS and many other devices. Temple Run Video Game Application was developed by Imangi Studios with the collaborative efforts of Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova who were husband and wife. Temple Run Application apk was officially launched and published on app store on 17 January 2013. After the publication of Temple Run 2 it got too much fame and popularity in its initial year. Temple Run 2 is the Second edition of Temple Run Video Game application. They have introduced new features in Temple Run 2 Application apk such as they have brought some graphical changes in theme and tracks as well as in characters.
Basically in other words we can say that the Temple Run 2 game Application apk is the modified shape of Temple Run first edition, where the developers have tried their best to provide best graphical touches to whole track and whole temple as well as the characters in the game which includes Demon Monkey who is the main enemy of the player, who try to harm or eat the player’s character who is continuously running on an endless track in search of idol.
How Temple Run Game Application works:
Temple Run 2 works similarly as its first edition Temple Run does. But as I mentioned in the previous paragraph that developers have now brought some new changes to Temple Run 2 game Application apk where they have introduced new obstacles and these obstacles includes Zip Lines, Waterfalls, Jets of fire, Mines on tracks and most dangerous and difficult obstacle is sharper turns where player face the most challenging situation while turning because player needs a very quick move and decision on those sharper turns.
Developers have also introduced some new power ups, which helps player to survive for a long time and score more and more points and collect more coins.
Player can collect Gems while running on the track, which are in rare quantity but most expensive and valuable for player because player can use those Gems to increase the time period of different power ups which he gets while running on the track. Player can also use those gems to upgrade many other features in the game.
Player can also collect gold coins which can be use for buying new characters and new things in the game.
Now in the Temple Run 2 character runs more quickly as a compare to Temple Run first edition. In the first edition of Temple Run, there were three demons that were chasing the main character but now there is only one Demon who is chasing the main character in the Temple Run 2 game application apk.
Initially there were four characters but now in updated version of Temple Run 2 game Application apk player can buy up to 16 characters. Following Characters are:
  1. Guy Dangerous is the default character. 
  2. Scarlet Fox which has boost power up, which helps player to run so quickly and rapidly without falling or crashing to any obstacle or hurdle in the game. 
  3. Barry Bones which has a Power-up to increase coins bonus. 
  4. Karma Lee which has ability to get score power ups. 
  5. Francisco Montoya, this character acts as Spanish conquistador. 
  6. Maria Selva is a Photographer and journalist. 
  7. Zack Wonder is the player of American Football team. 
  8. Montana Smith who is the Explorer in real life. 
  9. Bunny Guy Man, player needs to buy otherwise it’s not free. 
  10. Usain Bolt is the fastest athlete who made many records at Olympics. 
  11. Santa Claus and everyone know well about this character but Player need to buy this character during Christmas otherwise this character is not free. 
  12. Mrs. Claus is another character who is available for purchase during Christmas, so it is also not free. 
  13. Bruce Lee the martial arts legend and super human, his character is also available in Temple Run 2 game application apk. 
  14. Russell Wilson is the NFL player. 
  15. Colin Kaepernick is another NFL player. 
  16. Freya Coldheart. 
How to Download and Install Temple Run 2 Game Application apk:
  • Click on the below Download link of the Temple Run 2 Game app apk.
  • Go to storage of your Android Device click on that Temple Run game apk then it will give you the option to install, and then click on install option, but before that go to settings of your android device and allow the third party installation then install it.
Key Requirements:
  • Temple Run 2 Game Application apk is a little bit heavy file so it is mostly compatible on Android 3.2 versions or more than that.
  • RAM of your Android device must be more than 512 MBs.
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