Download Tango Messenger APK for Android

Download Tango App for Android

Tango is the simplest chatting Application or Software for Different smartphones, mobile and tablets, which is developed by TangoME Inc. in 2009. Tango Application is totally free to use, which can be operate on different kind of devices such as Androids, Windows, iOS and many other devices.
Tango has currently more than 300 million registered users. It is on 12th position of most downloaded apps for Android devices.
Tango Application apk is basically a third party messaging application, which allows its users to make free voice calls and video calls to their loving one.
Now a days Tango Application apk is getting most fame and popularity among Android users due to its best features and services. Tango is totally free to download and provides free services to its users. Tango Application apk only needs the internet connection through WiFi, 2G, 3G and 4G.
Tango Application apk was developed by Uri Raz and Eric Setton which operates from California, while Setten and Uri Raz are currently working in different fields, Setten is working as a Chief Technology officer and Raz is working as a CEO organization.
Currently Tango has employed about 200 hundred or more than 200 employees in its organization, its headquarters are in Beijing, Austin, and Texas while its main headquarter is in California.
Tango application apk is free as I mention in previous paragraphs which allows its users to have free conversations. Users can send and receive voice calls as well as video calls on Tango Application apk, which also allows its users to send and receive texts messages as well as users can share various multimedia messages such as photos and videos.
Tango Application apk provides different kind of games for its users by which they can entertain their self if they get bore.
Tango Application was initially developed for Android smartphones, mobiles and tablets with the collaboration of Aviary which provides different kind of Image editing capabilities to its users. Tango is providing the base for a social networking for its users.

How to Download and install:

  • Click on the download link given at the end. 
  • Open up the downloaded Tango Application apk it will give you the option to install the app. 
  • Before installing the Tango Application apk just go to the settings of your Android device and allow third party installation from the option. 
  • You can download Tango Application apk from any kind of device, whether it is PC, Laptop, windows Phone or any other device just download the Tango Application apk file and copy that apk file Of that Tango Application to your Android device and then click on it and install the Tango Application apk by using above instruction. 

Key requirements:

  • Tango Application apk is not that much heavy app so it can be easily run on Android 2.1 versions or more than that.
  • Tango Application apk needs Internet connection whether that connection is on 2G, 3G, 4G, or WiFi.
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