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SimSim Pakistan Apk

SimSim Pakistan Latest Apk

NameSimSim Pakistan
Size26.9 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS

Free Download SimSim Wallet App Apk for Android smartphones, tablets and many other Android devices from our website right now. To download the SimSim Pakistan Wallet App Apk for your Smartphones and tablets just tap/click on the download link given at the end of this description.

SimSim Pakistan is now officially available for Pakistani users to make online transactions. The service of SimSim Pakistan is launched in Karachi, Sindh then they will soon after spread it to the rest of the country. SimSim Pakistan App Apk is the android application of SimSim Pakistan services and the app has been downloaded by more than fifty thousand users across the country.
SimSim Pakistan App is offered by FINJA that is an organization that is providing such services.

About SimSim Pakistan Wallet Apk:

I have mentioned some of the important information in the above paragraph but here I will discuss the main functions and features of the app “SimSim Pakistan App Apk”. SimSim Pakistan conducts all the transactions through its Mobile Application “SimSim Pakistan Apk” and it works like Easypaisa however, the difference is that as I said, all the transactions have been done through its App. Furthermore, there are no such outlets and withdraw funds.

How SimSim Wallet App works:

To consume money across the country via SimSim Pakistan App, you need to have a bank account otherwise; you cannot get benefits from the services of SimSim Pakistan (FINJA). Therefore, you need to register an account on the “SimSim Pakistan App Apk”. Secondly, you have to register your bank account too while creating an account on the app. After clearing the entire necessary tasks you will be allowed to consume your money anywhere anytime you want via SimSim Pakistan App such as online transactions, bill payments, online shopping in the country and so on.

How to Cash out Funds with SimSim Wallet Apk:

You can cash out your money from any ATM available in your area very easily via your ATM card. Furthermore, you can transfer money to other bank accounts via the App.

Charges for using SimSim Pakistan App:

There are no such charges for transactions on SimSim Pakistan App, however, you will be charged 8 Rupees for sending money to any bank account. In simple terms transactions from one SimSim account to another SimSim, Paying the bills and paying Vendors are free of cost.
However, if you are sending money to any bank account then they will charge you 8 rupees. Nevertheless, if you are sending less than 10 thousand money to any bank account then it is also free but transferring more than 10 thousand, you need to pay 8 rupees.

How to create an account on SimSim:

Creating an account on “SimSim Pakistan” is very simple just download the App from our website right now and install it on your Android devices. After installing the App, open it and go for Sign-Up there you will see a form fill it correctly, remember these are essential such as your Full Name, father’s name, mother’s name, and CNIC. Once your account created you will be asked to add funds, send money to anyone, get funds from someone, buy tickets such as for Movies, Pay Bills and so on.
It has a very simple usage so get the app from our website and install it on your android device you will get to know with time to use the app.

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