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Simple Weather Alert Apk

Simple Weather Alert Latest Apk

NameSimple Weather Alert
Size4.2 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS

Free Download Best Weather Alert Apk for Android smartphones, tablets and many other devices that work on android Operating System. If you want to download this Apk for Androids then tap/click on the below download button given at the end of this page.

Global Can of Worms, LLC is providing Best Weather Alert Apk to Android users. Simple Weather Alert Apk is android application that allows its users to get alerts about the weather. Weather Alert Apk also notifies the Android users about the latest weather alerts such as rain, cloudy, sunny, tornados, floods and lightening.
Best Weather Alert Apk monitors your device while working in backgrounds and notifies you about the weather. Best Weather Alert Apk works with the help of NWS, which stands for National Weather Service.
When app will get latest news alerts, it will automatically pop up a notification on the status bar so in order to view the details you have to touch or click on the notification then you can read all the details about weather.
Furthermore, you can set bell or vibration for the extreme alerts so whenever you get any extreme weather alert your device will notify you by vibrating or ringing bell.
However, for normal weather alerts, you do not need vibration or high ringing bell therefore you can set to normal by going into preference option in the app.
You have to locate or enable the GPS or Location to get alerts otherwise app cannot monitor the weather.

Features of Simple Weather Alert Apk:

  • Best Weather Alert Apk is absolutely free to download and use.
  • You can get latest weather alerts.
  • Best Weather Alert Apk notifies you about the floods and tornados too.
  • Can customize that how you want to get alerts.
  • It notifies you about every weather alert.
  • Do not need to check out TV or Radio for weather alerts.
  • There are much more in the app.
If you want to get every single weather alert then download Best Weather Alert Apk for your android devices. In order to download tap/click on the below download button give below.

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