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Root Uninstaller Latest Apk

NameRoot Uninstaller
Size2.59 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS
DeveloperAntTek Mobile

We all know that there are lots of system applications in our Android devices that are built-in, which we cannot delete easily, therefore, this kind of application irritates us so much. If you are also one of us who are facing such issues and searching for Android application that can help you to get rid off from these apps, then you are in the right place. Because, we are going to give you a very useful Android application, that will allow you to overcome those issues. That App is “Root Uninstaller” that will go to help you to freeze all those system Apps that are built-In from its manufacturing time.

This app has very simple features that can be operated very easily as well as it is so much efficient and reliable. Apart from its simplest features and efficiency, it is also a secure and safest app for Android devices. Root Uninstaller Apk App helps you to remove unwanted, useless and irritating system apps very easily and comfortably without harming your Smartphone.

If after uninstalling any system application if you think that your device is not working properly then you can reinstall those apps from your SD storage or Phone storage as it has a backup tool or option in-the app. If you are the thing that your apps are old enough and are not working properly then you can reset those old apps with this incredible Root Uninstaller App and you can install fresh apps in place of those old apps. Root Uninstaller App lets you delete unnecessary apps from your device.

We all keep some apps in our devices that we cannot show publicly, that is why we all need an application, which can help us to hide those apps, therefore to fulfill this need Root Uninstaller developer also added “hide my App” feature in the app. However, you can hide other apps as well, such as Facebook Apk, WhatsApp Apk, Gallery and many other apps. Root Uninstaller has many more applications to explore such as Data Folder, Code Folder and many more that you can get free. Root Uninstaller is a free application, though, you can buy its pro version also forms its official website.



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