Download Quick Boot (Reboot) App Apk for Android 2.3. 3,2.3.4


New version Quick Boot (Reboot) App Apk

fast reboot apk for android
Quick Boot (Reboot) Apk for Android

Is your phone is rooted? If your Android Smartphone and Tablet is rooted and you want to reboot your phone easily and very quickly then you can do that by using the app Quick Boot (Reboot) app apk. It will work only if your phone is rooted otherwise, it will not work. By using latest updated new version of Quick Boot (Reboot) App Apk for android you can boot your phone either in normal or recovery mode. Widgets are placed by default in your phone so that you can easily get access to the this app in android.

How Quick Boot (Reboot) app Apk works?

As you may also boot your phone by restarting phone through the power key or through setting panel but this app is more advanced as you have never imagined about. Because this booting device allows booting in recovery and boot loader mood. So that you don’t need to use complex keys reboot the device manually.
Download new version of Quick Boot (Reboot) App Apk file for Android smartphones and tablets and boot your Android device easily and more comfortably.

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