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Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a Game Application software for Android mobiles, tablets and many other Android devices. which is developed by PopCap Games Organisation, in which there is a house and the owner of that house is supposed to Grow different and unique kind of Plants and Fungi, which helps owner to prevent the army of Zombies from entering into his home, in this Game Zombies are enemies, which tries to eat Brain of the people. this Game was published on 5 May 2009

How To Play Game:
In this game of Plants vs. Zombies, Players need to place or grow various kind of plants and Fungi on different position to increase the offensive and defensive capacities of home, which will help home’s owner to restrict Zombies from entering into his home and reaching home’s residents.
by the time, with crossing the new levels, players can acquire or can upgrade their plant’s capacities to defend and offense, which will provide more offensive and defensive capacities to home’s owner.
there is a playing field which is divided into 6 horizontal lanes.for planting different kind of plants players needs ‘sun’, players can gather the sun for free while in the daytime levels. Plants attacks the Zombies to prevent them from reaching the house and its residents. this game is totally free to download but it also allows its users for in app purchases, this is really a interesting Game to make our day. So I recommend all Android users, that you must experience this Game, atleast once in your life. this Game Application has been downloaded more than 100 million times. so this is one of the best and most popular Game Application for Android Devices.

Key Features of the Plants vs. Zombies:

  • In latest version of Plants vs. Zombies developers have introduced new Plants and zombies as well which make this Game Application more interesting and adventurous.
  • New modes have been introduced to boost up the power of players.
  • in this Game the most important thing for the player is the protection of Brain so developers have also introduced new features which helps its players to protect Brain very efficiently.
  • Now the Players have also an option to unlock the Zen Garden.
  • developers have also introduced new level upps for its users.

Key Requirements:

  • The Game Application APK of Plants vs. Zombies needs Android 2.3 version.
  • compatible on those android devices which has more than 1 GB RAM.

APK file size is 61MBs. download the APK File from below link.


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