Download LEO Privacy – Applock, Hide v3.7.9 Latest APK for Android

LEO Privacy Guard is very useful application apk for android devices that helps android users to protect and secure their private and important stuff. This app is a very trust worthy App for the protection of our important and private files or information. Furthermore, LEO Privacy Guard ahs best Applock tool, which helps you to lock up the important App from any outer access. Sometimes we keep our private or family photos and videos in our device‚Äôs gallery that can be very easily leak, if you do not have any privacy protection app in your android, however, you can protect those photos and videos by using LEO Privacy Guard as there is option of Safe Box in this App that allows you to hide those photos and videos so no one can see those files other than you. 
Download LEO Privacy - Applock, Hide v3.7.9 Latest APK for Android
Download LEO Privacy – Applock, Hide v3.7.9 Latest APK for Android
If you are worrying about the protection of your personal data, then now you do not need to worry about it because we are going to give you LEO Privacy Guard app apk on our website, which you can download by clicking on the download link that we have provided you at the end of this page. Moreover, now you can lock your social networking apps that consists your important and personal data such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and many others. You can also lock up your messages and Call logs. So now, you can secure and protect your data from leakage very easily and comfortably without any complicated and difficult procedure. You can put a magic lock that is so simple and no one can identify that password except you, for that lock, you need to write any password in the air and that is it although this feature does not supports some mobiles.
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