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Hike News & Content App Apk

Hike News & Content Latest Apk

Name Hike News & Content
Size 32.63 MB
Version v5.15.23
Required System Android OS
Category App/Communication
Price Free
Developer Hike Private Limited

You can easily download the latest version of Hike News & Content apk app from here and you can download it from its official site too. You can install hike messenger on your android mobile as well as on android phones too. This messaging app is very easy to use as well as you can send or share your confidential documents and your favorite photos. Updated version is available down here and only thing you need to do is just click on download and install it on your smart phone.

The first time Hike News & Content introduced in the market in Dec 2012. When it was introduced in the market majority of users like this app and when time passes users were starts to increase and now it has millions of registered users. If you are thinking that you have to pay money for this app then no. It’s a freeware app means free to download and free to install. For voice calls as well as for chat you don’t have to pay money. The only thing you need is an internet connection with a hike apk app. As I said before that you can share your memorable photos as well as favorite videos and other different things with a hike. The specialty about the hike is that you can separate your friends according to your wish and you can put your friends in other groups (those friends who you don’t like).
Hike News & Content is full of amazing options and features such as attractive colors (White and Blue), modern and responsive design, charming look and more. Share your photos, videos, memorable events with those who are circled by you. The features mentioned above are enough to assure you that how much this app is functional and creative.

Hike News & Content App APK:

Down here we highlighted core features of hike and some new features which are added recently are also mentioned. We recommend that you should read these features before installing Hike News & Content on your android device.


  • Free to install and download.
  • Share an unlimited number of photos and videos with it.
  • Make an unlimited number of audio calls as well as video calls.
  • Use stickers and emotions while chatting.
  • Provide private corner to send important files and documents.
  • Send up to 100mb file without any tension and restriction.
So what are you waiting for? Just click on the download link and install it over your android device and make unlimited audio calls as well as video calls. Don’t forget to bookmark us because we update the apps and games from time to time.
So what are you waiting for? Just click on download hyperlink which is provided down here and install this apk app on your android device and starts a chat with your loved ones with wasting your money and expensive time. Please visit our website from time to time because we update apps and games on the daily need base. Thanks.

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