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Gideon Smart Home App Apk

Gideon Smart Home Latest Apk

NameGideon Smart Home
Size69 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS

Free Download latest version of Gideon Smart Home App Apk for your Android Smartphones, Tablets, and many other android Mobile Phones.

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Here is one of the most efficient Android Application “Gideon Smart Home App Apk” for our Android fans. Gideon Smart Home App Apk is one of the best android applications available on the Play Store as well as on our website you can download the app from our website. Gideon Smart Home App Apk has been highly appreciated on Play store by Android users, and they rated the app five stars. We have provided the download link for Gideon Smart Home App Apk below at the end of this description below. However, if you want to download the apk file of Gideon Smart Home Application for Androids from the Android official App store then go to Play Store, but wait here because we have provided the latest updated version of Gideon Smart Home on our website. We always provide the latest updates as well as old versions of all android apps and games.

What Gideon Smart Home App Apk is about?

Gideon Smart Home App Apk is a Smart Home App for Android devices it works like a smart controller that allows its users to control all the smart electronic accessories. Gideon Smart Home App Apk helps Android users to control a variety of home based systems such as systems related to entertainment, security, cooling, and heating systems. In simple words, Gideon Smart Home App Apk is a smart home tool that makes everything simple and creates simplified connectivity within one App. If you want to control all your smart systems at your home with one simple Android App, then grab the apk file of Gideon Smart Home Application from our website and install it on your android device.

Features of Gideon Smart Home App Apk:

Gideon Smart Home App Apk is available for free and its usage is also free.
You can control all your home based smart devices with one android app.
You can keep a smart key to secure all your smart devices from strangers.
You can also give your key to your other family members, friends, and mates.
You can manage your property based on smart devices.

Following smart devices are compatible with Gideon Smart Home App Apk such as:

  • Belkin Insight Switch.
  • Belkin Light Switch.
  • Belkin Motion Sensor.
  • Belkin Wemo.
  • Fibaro Door/Window sensor.
  • Fibaro Flood sensor.
  • Fibaro Hub.
  • Fibaro Plug.
  • Fibaro Temperature sensor.
  • Flic.
  • GELight (through Philips hub).
  • Generic IP Cameras.
  • GreenIQ sprinkler.
  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostat.
  • Insteon dimmer module.
  • Insteon HUB2.
  • Insteon Keypad dimmer 8 buttons.
  • Insteon Keypad dimmer 6 buttons.
  • Insteon Led Bulb.
  • Insteon OutletLinc.
  • Insteon Switch.
  • Insteon SwitchLinc dimmer.
  • Insteon Wired Thermostat.
  • Lifx Color.
  • Lifx Original.
  • Lifx White.
  • Lockstate Remote Lock 500i.
  • Lockstate Remote Lock 5i.
  • Lockstate Remote Lock 6i.
  • Lockstate Remote Lock 7i.
  • Myfox Home Control.
  • Myfox Security Alarm.
  • Motorola iCam.
  • Musaic Smart HiFi MP10.
  • Musaic Smart HiFi MP5.
  • Nest Cam.
  • Nest Protect.
  • Nest Thermostat.
  • Netatmo Module.
  • Netatmo Thermostat.
  • Netatmo Weather Station.
  • Netatmo Welcome.
  • Philips Hue.
  • Philips Hue Go.
  • Philips Hue Bloom.
  • Philips Iris.
  • Philips Lux.
  • Philips Lightstrip.
  • Smarter iKettle.
  • SmartThings devices (blinds, door/windows, flood sensors, garage doors, lights, locks, motion sensors, plugs, presence sensors, smoke alarms, switches, temperature sensors).
  • Sonos Play:1.
  • Sonos Play:3.
  • Sonos Play:5.
  • Wifiplug Mini.
  • Wifiplug Power.
  • Wink air conditioner (Quirky + GE).
  • Wink blind (Bali, Pella, Lutron, ZWave).
  • Wink the door/window sensor (Quirky + GE).
  • Wink flood sensor (leakSMART).
  • Wink HUB.
  • Wink lights (Lutron, Commercial Electric, Cree, TCP, EcoSmart, Hampton Bay, Philips, Leviton, GE, Orsam, ZigBee, ZWave).
  • Wink lock (Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, ZWave).
  • Wink motion sensor (GE, GoControl).
  • Wink smoke alarm (Kidde, Nest).
  • Wink switch (Quirky + GE).
  • Wink water heater (Rheem).
  • The wink water valve (leakSMART).
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Requirements for Gideon Smart Home App Apk:

  • Gideon Smart Home App Apk requires android version 4.4 and more than that.

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