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Fruit Ninja is Video Game Software Application apk, which can operates on different operating system versions such as iPads, Androids, Windows, iOS, Java and many other operating systems. This video Game Application fruit Ninja is developed by Halfbrick and Brisbone Studios in Australia. Fruit Ninja Game Application was first developed and launched on 21 April 2010 for iPods then on July 2010 for iPhones and other Operating Systems such as Androids and windows Phones etc.

How to Play Game Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja Game Application apk is a Video game application and software for Android devices such as android mobiles, android smartphones, android tablets, and many other android devices. In which, Player try to slice different fruits by swiping on touch screen and player can get more and extra points when player try to slice two or more than two slice in a swipe.
In Fruit Ninja Game application apk, player uses a Blade to slice fruits and those various fruits thrown onto screen, by using touch screen player swipe his or her finger across the screen to slice those fruits.
Players can get or rewarded extra points for slicing multiple fruits in one swipe as I mentioned in above paragraph. However, player can use more than one finger in order to slice two or more than two fruits, in a result player will get extra points if he or she succeeds to slice multiple fruits in one swipe. Player needs to slice every fruit thrown onto screen otherwise the Game will ends when the player misses to slice three fruits. However, when the player gets more and more score or high scores he or she can get extra life. Sometimes Bombs also thrown onto screen, which also ends the game.

Zen Mode in Fruit Ninja Game:
Players have another special feature, and that is Zen Mode, which allows players to get high scores without the interference of Bombs. However, Players must have to remember that this mode functions for only one minute and thirty seconds.

Arcade mode in Fruit Ninja Game:

There is another Game mode, which is Arcade mode, which allows player to get high scores as much as he can get in only sixty seconds. Developers have added some more special bananas in standard fruits, which provide inimitable bonuses to player, which includes multiplying the score and points of the player, it increases the number of fruits which thrown onto screen and last but not the least it slowdowns the movement and falling speed of fruits.
Bombs in Fruit Ninja:
There are bombs in Fruit Ninja Game Application apk, which may leads to decrease the ten points of player’s scores. Particularly in the Arcade mode as well as in Classic Mode there are some Special Pomegranates, which frequently thrown onto screen, and this is 100 percent sure that this bomb appears on screen in every game of Arcade Mode.
Players can swipe there finger on screen to slice them in order to get more points.
Same like in Classic Mode ultra rare Pomegranate appears on the screen by slicing these ultra rare Pomegranates players can get a reward of fifty points.

How to Download and Install the Fruit Ninja Game Application apk:

First, Download Fruit Ninja Game Application APK from our website, the Download Link is given below so click on the download link.
After downloading the Fruit Ninja Game Application from our website, go to storage of your Android device click on the Fruit Ninja Game Application apk file, it will give you option to install the application then after that you will be guided further from there.
However, remember one thing that before downloading the Fruit Ninja Game Application Apk you need to allows Third Party installation from you device settings. However, after clicking on the apk file of Fruit Ninja, it also shows settings option, if third party installation not allowed, then you can go to settings from there also.
You can download the Fruit Ninja Game Application apk file from our website by using any kind of Operating system device, such as PCs, Laptops, Windows Phones and many other devices. You only need to do is that after downloading the APK file of Fruit Ninja Game Application copy that apk file into your Android device and install it by using above methods.

Key Requirements:
  • Fruit Ninja Game Application apk file is mostly compatible for Androids 2.1 versions or more than that.
  • RAM should be 512 MBs.
About the File:
  • file size is 122 MBs.
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