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Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is a free Game application software for Android, iOS, Windows, and many other Phones. Clash of Clans is a Strategic video game, which was first established for iOS operating devices. But Clash of Clans was launched for Android phones in October 2013. Clash of Clans game application apk for Android and other devices was developed and officially owns by Supercell.
Clash of Clans is Free game application, which is totally free to download and play. it does not charges its users for playing the Game or you can download the Game application apk from here freely without paying any amount of money.

   Clash of Clans- screenshot     Clash of Clans- screenshot

How to Play Clash of Clans Game;
Clash of Clans Game is a Multi layered online game, definitely as I said that it is a online game where players are supposed to develop train Army troops, communities for several routine functioning.
Here in this game players need to attack enemy players or their troops, to acquire more and more Gold, elixir or dark elixir through which players can develop more and more secure community as well as most trained troops.
Players need to earn more and more Gold and Elixir to upgrade their troops and defenses.
Player has also a option to play as a single player campaign, where a player is supposed to attack and conquest the fortified Goblin villages.
To earn Gold, Elixir, or dark Elixir player need to conquer other player’s villages, which allows players to capture the resources of those villages which they have conquered, players must need to build Gold mines, Gold storages, Elixir collectors and their storages in respect to earn those resources or Gold and elixir.
Elixir is mostly helpful for players to build and upgrade their troops or to make researches in laboratories in order to upgrade different things in Game such as some specific buildings. While the Gold helps players to increase the capacity of defense buildings and to upgrade the town hall of the village.
 Apart from Gold and Elixir players have also other elements which helps players to put more fun into their Game by using Gems and Currency which can be earn through achieving or completing different levels or achievements. Gems can be mostly used to boost up the buildings to get faster out put.
Clash of Clans free game application apk is available for free which you can download from our website by clicking on the below download link which is given at the last.
This game is the most popular game application among Android users.
How to Install Clash of Clans Application apk for android;
  • download free Clash or Clans Game application Apk by clicking on below download link.
  • Open your android phones storage click on application apk and Install the clash of clans game application apk on your android phone.
  • And enjoy.

Here is the free Game application Apk of Clash of Clans for its Android users.

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