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Assistant for Android App Apk

Assistant for Android Latest Apk

NameAssistant for Android
Size7 MB
Required SystemAndroid OS
DeveloperAA Mobile

If you have an android mobile and it’s not functioning properly or working very slowly than we recommend you to install Assistant for Android apk app in your android device because Assistant for Android app apk will delete all extra junk files, junk memory and increase device optimization and also you can use this app as a file manager. All this all in one package is free to download from here. To download updated version just click on down hyperlink.

Some Extra Features:

Fully Monitor Your System:

This apk app will check your CPU usage as well as track your device RAM, internal storage space, monitor battery level and also let you know about the temperature.

Work as System Cleaner:

Now you don’t need to worry about clearing your system cache files because Assistant for Android will automatically clear junk files, cache, delete empty folders and boost your mobile speed. By removing all these junk files, your mobile performance will improve and Assistant for Android keeps your Android device need and clean from useless files.

Boost Both Your Phone & Memory:

One of the best and ideal apps that boost your phone as well as your mobile memory and keep your android RAM clean from unnecessary files without compromising. To run all these features, all you need to do is just create a shortcut icon on your mobile home screen and just press that button and it will activate all these functions automatically.

Monitor Battery & Battery Saver:

Android users like this app because Assistant for Android monitor all running files and also let you know which file consume the maximum amount of your mobile battery.

Work As Pre- Set Power Saving Modes:

Now you can save your mobile battery by enabling mentioned customize modes which include silent, sleep and default option.

Use As Mobile Manager:

Assistant for Android App APK also works as a file manager means now you don’t need to download any extra or speared manager for managing your mobile documents.
The Assistant for Android app is free to download and its fully green in nature means consume very little amount of energy and give you the maximum output by cleaning, managing, saving and monitoring your android device files and also make your android app device the best android mobile.
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